Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Season Six Premier Party: RECAP

Season Six Premier Party: RECAP

Overall, our little get-together was a booming success!  After all, the Direwolves didn't accidentally eat anyone and there were no major brawls in the mead hall.  I may have had one (or 6) too many white walkers, but I digress.  HBO is amazing in that when you're too drunk to follow along in the show when it's happening, you can shamefully watch it again the next day as you recover with a cup of strong coffee.  

I did lose the nipple bet by 1 though - counting the nipples we did see as FOUR SEPARATE SETS OF NIPPLES.  Spoilers - technically they belong to the same person, however, they are two different sets of boobs - time is fickle bitch.

Our guests LOVED their direwolves and were raving about the amazing stories that came with them.  Ghost and Gmork were fought over but gladly, all of them found good and loving homes.  My seven year old (who does not watch the shows, by the way...) loves his Ghost and tucks him in to his blankets before he leaves for school every day, it's adorable.

Another big hit was the food - no surprise there.  The crown roast was a HUGE hit and it really wasn't that tough to make!  Both the pork and the beef roasts were amazing though it seemed that the preference fell to the pork roast.  Personally, I preferred the beef  but both will be on my repeat list.  The vegetables were also amazing. I'd say that if I could re-vamp anything for the evening it would have been the stuffing.  I used a quick cooking steel cut oat, and as a result, it came out kind of hard - extra crunchy.  There are times when this is good but in this instance, there wasn't enough soft moist stuffing to balance it out.  In the end it was a bit on the gritty side for our liking.   Good flavor though!

For the crown roasts I actually rubbed them down with yogurt, turmeric, and curry seasoning then chilled them overnight.  I've found that a good yogurt marinade holds in the moisture to your meat so it doesn't end up like shoe leather.  You wouldn't have to use these types of spices in with your yogurt if you don't want to, it would be just as well to use pepper, herbs and lemon juice, for example.  It can be very versatile and easy to customize to your liking.

Had Robert Baratheon known he would be entertaining the likes of... a vegetarian... he probably would have taken her out back and fed her to the wolves but - I am nothing if not a hospitable wench and was easily able to accommodate her - even if her meal was looking at her.  Lucky for me she allows herself fish from time to time so it was a piece of cake.  What you see here is a rainbow trout stuffed with fresh thyme, rosemary and butter with a light lemony glaze on the top broiled in the oven for about 15 minutes or so (inner temp 170).  To be honest, I was a little jealous... it looked incredible.

Everything turned out wonderfully and now the planning has begun for the finale party... Death Pool updates will be coming soon!

Valar Morghulis!

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