Wednesday, March 15, 2017

S7PP: All Things Food!

After some thought and some deep digging into the inter-worlds I have decided that I really need a separate post for food stuffs.  I'm getting too distracted by the shiny stuff.

Here is what I have so far for our menu - keeping in mind that unless HBO has some sort of miracle planned, this will be the 4th-to-the-last time we get to host this thing...

3.15.17: Menu Planning

This year we will have the more people attending our little swa-ray than we ever have before so we are going to have to pull out all of the stops.  I have an oven, 2 bbq's, a smoker, and a fire pit and my goal is to have meat cooking on all of them.  Here is the plan


These will cook on one of the BBQ's 

I can get 2 beef ones or 3 pork ones on my roasting pan.  This will take the longest but will also need the most time to prep before hitting the table.

Baked herb and lemon stuffed fish x 6
These don't take very long under the broiler and can go into the oven after I pull out the crown roast.  I'll post a recipe a little later.

Citrus stuffed fire roasted beef haunch x 1
This will be going on the other BBQ and I am still working out what I am going to do to this poor delicious piece of meat...

Hopefully that will be enough... 


Slow Roasted Crown Roast Root Veggies

Snacks and Nibbles:

Fresh baked black bread



and maaaaayyyyybbbeee scottish deviled eggs?  Maybe....


Apple blossom tarts

Chocolate covered honey bark

I KNOW IT SEEMS LIKE A LOT!  But I have 17 people coming over... I should be able to out-source some of these to take something off our plates... hopefully... right?  *BREATH, JESSE!!*

Honorable Mentions and Other Ideas

Dream Kitchen......  
These things I found that looked amazing and that I still want to make... maybe I can squeeze them into our evening?  Or perhaps sub something else?  Hmm....

Tavern Bread - This looks RIGHT up my ally... I could probably eat this every day for the rest of my life.  I need to make it so I can be sure.  Also, I'll need LOTS of it - you know - for testing.

Nordic Stone Bread - I love me some seeds and looks absolutely delicious.  This would be fantastic topped with some butter or even a fried egg for breakfast... I am seeing many possibilities... must experiment...

Wassail - I know I have mentioned this before in this blog because we make it for just about every large gathering.  This stuff is AMAZING and if you haven't made it, you should.  We won't be making it for our premier party, though sadly, HBO decided to throw us a curve and host their season in the middle of summer.... Summer in California doesn't make for warm comforting beverages.  I'll have another post down the road with what we come up with in the way of beverages - some of my cookbooks have ideas that I might need to pillage.

Viking Apple Bacon - This looks pretty simple and equally yummy... we might have to squeeze this on in somewhere.  I like easy... I like delicious.  I'm easy that way.  Could you imagine serving this on a slice of crusty bread and topped with a poached egg? I just did....

Of course, none of this would have been possible in the first place if I hadn't stumbled into - those guys are my heroes.  I've been away too long.  <3


We're SO doing this....

I found this on twitter and I gotta say, it's #brilliant.  I will have to have the hubs burn some little smokies and call them "Farmboy Fingers" to add...  muhahahaha

If you have a sensitive disposition, perhaps Game of Thrones isn't your speed, eh?  

I just purchased the perfect plate for these to go on too!  I could even add the Scottish deviled eggs-  The more I think about those though, the more I am certain I'll have to search for some quail eggs instead of doing the regular sized chicken eggs... smaller... more bite sized... better.....

Challenge accepted.

More to come!

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