Thursday, April 21, 2016

S6FP: The Plaid Wedding

Season Six: Finale Party (Whaaa?)

The Plaid Wedding

The Game of Thrones Death Pool has been a much talked about thing since it's inception.  Our guests have even decided to put their money where their mouth is and toss in $20 per betting person - this will give us some funds to get something freaking amazing for them at the end of the season, perhaps a Longclaw replica?  mmmmmmmm

One thing is for certain though, we will need to beef up the finale party to make it that much more awesome.  The voucher above is a rough draft of the one that will be given to the winner - I may just make this into a horrifying brochure for this made-up place complete with the "Hall of Faces" and picture of the assassins... oops, I mean specially trained masseuses. You know... for your SPA DAY.

I am also playing around with putting together a mini apothecary kit.  Of course, a wedding means we must serve a fantastic feast and, if George has a say, people must die... 

Better get to brainstorming on this one...

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