Wednesday, April 20, 2016

S6PP: The Hunt for Where My $&@#! Is.


Part of the joy of moving is that even 6 months after you've moved you're still plagued by random boxes of stuff you don't use everyday.  In my case, it's boxes full of Game of Thrones party supplies that I scarcely use and now, ironically, I can't find anywhere.  I've already filled my swear words quota for the day so maybe the Lord of the house will have better luck in the box-jungle that is our garage when he gets home.  

On the plus side, I found my vials of salt, my kazoos of winter, my mustard jars and some serving ware so I'm on the right track!  Ugh.

So I've decided that I'm going to send each guest home with AN ACTUAL DIREWOLF.  See that cutie patootie there guarding what little of my gear I could find?  That is Sir Fluffy Feet.  He will accompany his fact sheet at the table and will go home with one lucky guest.  Each guest will have a plushie version of their advertised direwolf.  They'll get a kick out of it.  

The Dish Dilemma:

My regular table ware is... well... it's colorful.  I have square plates that have retro flowers on them and this will not do at all for a medieval feast.  In 2013 I had this problem and with 13 people to feed I was forced to settle for plain square black plastic plates - I HATED them.  On the plus side, it did make clean-up easy, but they were not at all in keeping with the theme.  I can legitimately say I have had a dish problem FOR YEARS.  It's not acceptable.

So this year, I did a little digging.  I turned, once again, to my friends Amazon and Ebay.  Amazon had a great option in "sizzling plates" - a search popped up lots and lots of options but these ones seemed to be the most economical at about $10/each.  These also do double duty for Fajita night too!  I was lucky enough that in my search through eBay I was able to find a better deal - and something that looked more genuine to boot.  For $36, I was able to get 6 sizzling plates with the wooden base and free shipping... sure they looked used with the knife marks in them and everything but that is EXACTLY what I was looking for. As time goes on and I expand this little tradition, I will have to find more plates, but at least now, I know what I am looking for!  This creates another nagging dilema though.... where to store this stuff.... grr...



  1. Hi it's Phoenix@designgenes... can i come to your party??

    and I am totally raiding your blog for awesome pins...

    see your pins here!

    1. Thanks Phoenix! It's awesome to know there are people out there who appreciate my brand of madness - even my friends are like "This is awesome but... really?"

      I'm bouncing a "Plaid Wedding" around for the finale party this year...MUHAHAHAHA ehem...