Thursday, April 14, 2016

2013 Game of Thrones Premier Party Photo Gallery

Oh Jess, where'd you go?

After all of that work we poured into 2013 it occurs to me that there isn't a single record of the results anywhere for the masses to see.  Well, in case you are curious, here it is.  It was A LOT of work and I can tell you that I don't think I will be biting off that much again any time soon....

Here is how it all turned out - 

Scotch Eggs

Made with hot Italian sausage - YUM! "Stick em with the pointy end!"

Grazing Spread

Mixed fresh olives, artisan breads, variety of cheeses, grapes, scotch eggs, and mice (little smokies wrapped in biscuit dough and decorated to look like mice - InnAtTheCrossroads strikes again!)

White Walkers

Iced milk with honey and vodka... didn't last long enough to get a picture of the full glass.....

The Table

That is a Yukani Maize Popper in the background... ahem...

Here, the wall of sigils, our map, and on the tables you have the stained house sigils which were a huge success.


Complete with vials of salt, kazoos of winter, and dragon eggs.  

Pork Pie

This was REALLY GOOD except that when I made it, I couldn't find the pepper grinder so like a dork I tossed in WHOLE PEPPERCORNS.  Don't do this.  This is a terrible idea and I have no effing clue wtf I was thinking....  

Dragon Eggs

Obviously when it was all said and done, they didn't end up staying in the fireplace... it was too dark and I wanted to show them off so they when on the mantle.  I never did finish my heated box for them but maybe someday, I'll get the ambition to complete the set.

 And then!

 It was a fantastic night and one we will never forget.  This was the night all other premier parties will be measured to.  Though I may not be able to strive to this level of greatness again, we will sure keep trying!  

Valar Morghulis!

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