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S6PP: Our series through new eyes... GoT DEATH POOL!

Season 6 Premier Party

Game Of Thrones Through New Eyes

It does not escape our tribe of bandits that this season will be the first time that we have no flippin clue what is going to happen.  We've all read the books and watched the podcasts - we are nerds, after all, and have to maintain our delicate reputation on these things...

That being said, we are going to have to up our game a little.  Before the start of every episode last season, (and the season before) we took a "Nipple Bet." There are, of course, rules to the nipple bet.  Man nipples did not count unless accompanied by woman nipples. Nipples are also counted independently.  Groups of 10 or more independent nipples did not count (angry mobs of slaves, for example).  The person who guesses the correct amount of nipples without going over wins.  Bets are placed before the show starts and a winner is announced when the credits are over.

I won't lie, the nipple bet is fun.  It may be a tradition we carry into the completion of the series - it's a lot of fun during a tense moment of the show when everyone is silent on edge for some random member of your posse to suddenly shout out "NIPPLE!"   It's good times....

This year, however, we are in the dark!  Just as all other masses who have not taken on George's task and picked up the books.  We know it's going to be awesome, just as we did before but we also knew when key characters were going to lose their heads... we don't know anything now.  That being said, I'm playing around with a dangerous idea...

The Game Of Thrones Death Pool

Here is how this works:

During dinner we will all have an opportunity to place our bets on who is going to die this season.  You get 10 points for guessing the correct person and 5 points additional if you correctly guess the episode.  You do not lose points if you incorrectly guess the episode.  You get minus 10 points if you incorrectly guess a person (so you can't bet on EVERYONE, k?) but you can never go below 0 points.

The person who has the most points at the end of the season will win something effing amazing at the finale party.   More details on that as soon as my brain births it...


I bounced this around in my head for a long time before settling on simple.  I could get a big piece of plywood and modge-podge everyone's pictures on it with a map of Westeros in the background and a hand-painted title and little metal cocktail swords but... WE ONLY HAVE 6 DAYS LEFT.  So lets settle on something a little more manageable here...

I printed pictures of all of my living characters on some parchment paper and will cut them out.  I'm going to pin these to a cork-board.  Yup!  That's it, nothing fancy, just a cork board.  I was able to find some super cute weapon thumb tacks that I'll use for my guests - get to that in a minute.

The pictures will be pinned to the cork board with regular boring pins, title and decorations at the top, of course.  Each guest will have a pile of  little flags at their plate - each one is a different color labeled with their name.  They will also have a pen - on the back of their flag they will write the name of the person they are choosing to die and an episode number (if they wish) then will use a weapon to pin their flag to the character.  Betting is CLOSED once the show starts and will remain that way for the entire season.  As people die, they will be marked with a red skull and crossbones and each guest will be updated of the stats via text.

I have room on my board for 7 more people and suddenly names start flying from my husbands lips like he's an auctioneer... Eventually we found ourselves having the John Snow discussion.  He is NOT ON THE BOARD.

SPOILERS!?!?  Ok, seriously, you haven't read the books and you haven't watched the series yet, what are you doing here??  Don't get all huffy over spoilers when we are going into season 6 and you haven't done your homework!  At this point, if you aren't caught up yet that's on you.

I digress.  John Snow is not on our board because he is "dead."  A LOT of people are going to be disappointed when they set his body on fire, that's all I'm sayin.  (Not saying that's a certainty but all this talk about him being alive means he's dead and he's not coming back..... my guess - I mean, who doesn't live and breathe for the moment that Game of Thrones dashes our hopes and ruins our dreams?)

The seven we must consider are, according to the Lord of the house, are as follows:

 What do you think?  Is there anyone who is more worthy?  

Here are all of the images I chose for the board - if you want to make your own, feel free to copy+paste away!  OR you can just save this post and I will update as the season progresses.  Don't be too shy to put your own best bets in the comments- If the hype is any indication, this season will be BRUTAL.














Death comes for us all... can't wait to see what this thing looks like when the season is over!!!

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