Wednesday, March 27, 2013

S3PP: Posting the Grocery List of Doom...

Season 3 Premiere Party:
Almost time to get groceries... UGH.

I hate grocery shopping so I am going to start out this post with a major gripe.  UGH GROCERY SHOPPING!  I hate it.  You spend hundreds of dollars and then in a few weeks you have to do it again and you have nothing to show or it... (except life but that doesn't really count...)  Plus you wonder up and down the isles looking at 42 different kinds of everything that are all made in the same factory but with different labels on the stuff.  THEN, you have to balance out organic, sugar free, no trans fat, no cholesterol, now made with 100% pure motor oil, etc etc...   Things used to be so simple.  You would need spaghetti sauce so you went to the store and bought tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce.  Now you stand in the isle of spaghetti sauce like a dumb ass staring at the 75 different varieties of spaghetti sauce from tomato/basil to ham and cheese to vanilla pudding flavored spaghetti sauce.  Why not just have "Spaghetti flavored spaghetti sauce"??  Want to add olives and honey?  That stuff is on isle 9.  I hate grocery shopping and one day I will have my revenge... one day...  who am I kidding?  If I can just get in and get out then I don't have time to gripe about it.  It's the little blue haired lady in front of me paying her $247 bill in nickels and pennies.  But hey, she got the .20 cent gas reward so she's happy, right?

Ok, bad attitude off...

Looking at this list I'm sure it doesn't look too incredibly daunting but quantity is the key here and more then likely, I'll end up with a very full cart and no room in my truck.

This list covers the jist but I did leave out the things at home I already know I have - like dates and honey.  Those I got covered.  I'm also posting this on here so that I will have a quick reference when I am at the store and make sure I didn't forget anything.  This will also give you an insight on what throwing a party of this magnitude will cost you.  (Arm+Leg.)  Total costs will be forthcoming.

EGGTIP:  I mentioned this yesterday but it's worth mentioning again - If you are planning to hard boil eggs for Sunday - whether it be for Game of Thrones to make Scotch eggs or to color them for Easter, buy your eggs ahead of time! (Like NOW.)  If they're too fresh when you boil them they will not separate from the shell and you'll have a crazy mess trying to peel them!

Grocery list:

5 lbs ground pork
2 lbs ground beef
3 whole chickens
4 lbs Italian sausage
Little smokies (2 packages)

Eggs 18+12+
Sharp white cheddar
Crusty bread
Heavy cream – big carton
4 cans of biscuit dough
Cream cheese

Lipton Onion Soup
2¾ cups roasted chestnuts
Raw apple cider (1 gallon)
Beef broth – 3 cans
Canola oil
Black sesame seeds

Currants – 2 cups (Apricots will sub as well)
Carrots – 1 large costco bag
4 shallots
Black cherries
5 apples
Leeks – 20
Green onions

From Bevmo:
Smuttynose Star Island Single (2 bottle)
Dry sherry
Iron Throne Ale
Grand Meriner
Gold Tequila

From Ross:
Table Cloths
Dish Towels

Who needs rent money with a full stomach??? ehem....


  1. Hey Jess. I just discovered your blog today and really enjoyed reading it! You have a great way with words and I was looking forward to reading about your adventures preparing for season 4, but it doesn't seem like you are still blogging?

    I am about to host my first ever GoT party for some friends and would have loved to have read more!!

    Take care,

    1. Hi Kirsty! Oh no, I have been super duper busy!! Trying to get back into the swing of things though and adding some of the things I've been doing to mostly keep myself out of trouble.. (Doesn't always work... but I digress!) Thank you for reading the shinanigans, as sparse as they are and I will try to fill your head with more ideas to wow your tribe.

      Thank you!! <3