Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let the countdown to madness begin...

S3PP - Season 3 Premiere Party
Holy crap, I'm feeling the pressure...

First it was mayhem... it's graduated to sheer madness.  And my time is running out!  I'm at the point right now that every little thing is just building a house in my brain and making me crazy... for example: I can't find my flipping tablecloths!  I have 3 of them total - ok, not really one to use tablecloths very much, they seem kinda old-lady-ish to me but I don’t want people eating on the top of a giant plastic folding table either. 

I have looked everywhere!  Can't find them... and tablecloths aren't cheap either!  So I'm stuck - continue to tear my house apart?  Use an old bed sheet and hope no one notices?  It's making me insane, man!

I'm making a mental list of all the things I need to accomplish in the next week -

Portal sigil
more mustard
door sign
hang over cures
apparently buy table cloths... ugh...
paint the most incredible looking dragon eggs!  (Can't wait to start this!!)
stain and secure fastenings to the other sigils
Forrest sigil
wench costume...

At this moment, my list is not finished but I feel like my brain is going to just rocket itself out of my skull and run away cursing at my craziness...

To boot - Bioshock comes out on Tuesday, and if any of you are fellow gamers, you know that getting any avid gamer to do anything the week after this most epic release is going to be like asking someone to lick their elbow.   We did plan a little ahead though and request some vacation time before and after the premier party - just in case... ya know... we need more Bioshock time as we recoup from our insane hangovers.

Did you catch the Evening with Game of Thrones podcast?  I thought it was awesome!  I knew the Peter (aka Tyrion) was absolutely hilarious but to see his hilarity in person was very cool.  Lena (Cersei) was also very awesome and I have to say, just by watching them that for the most part, these people are incredibly talented artists.  Lena doesn't seem like she would be a Cersei (BITCHY!) type at all!  Kit (John) seemed incredibly shy too which I didn't think he would be so much.  George R.R Martin was also there and he talked about book 6 a little.  I won't spoil anything for you but it was a great panel and I would most certainly suggest that you give it a watch.  It's a bit on the lengthy side but still very good.  My favorite part was when the moderator asked everyone if they had read all the books - won't give away any answers but... I was lol-ing a lot.

You can check that out here:

Part of me will be really glad when all of this frantic planning and creating is over... part of me will die a little on the inside and I will have to start planning for the Finale party.... then IT'S ON!

Until next time!

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