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S3PP: Menus, door signs, and other fun little projects to keep me out of trouble...

S3PP - Season 3 Premiere Party
Menus, door signs, and other fun little projects

These were a lot of fun to do and mostly didn't take up much time at all.  Using a combination of creativity, boredom, and a few Office software products, we've come up with some nifty things that will not only add more awesome to our variety of awesome but also give our guests a few more things to take home with them. 

First, lets start with the door sign, since this is NOT going to home with anyone and will stay in my custody until I lose it or my house burns down.  I did some digging on the internet and found an invitation that someone had come up with that I thought was pretty awesome.  I did some minor adjusting to it to take out the date information and ended up with this awesome image that I mostly can not take credit for:

The text reads as follows: King Robert Baratheon is dead, the lands of Westeros brace for battle and the North remembers.  Quaff a keg, scheme and plot, and stake your claim for the Iron Throne (No matter how uncomfly it looks).  If you can't handle the cold, get off the Wall.  Winter is coming.

ooo - I'm getting all excited just thinking about it!!!
What I will end up doing with this image is printing it on a piece of parchment paper and adhering it to a stained plank - one of the extras I made for the house sigils.  I'll then add a chain on the top and hang it on my front door.  This will be there along with the Kazoo of Winter which I will get to in just a jiffy.

The menus were also fun to make - Again, giving mad props to my homies at for posting this amazing invitation template for last years party, I will be using it this year for the menus.  You can find the template on their website and go to "Planning a Party."  I would post the link for you but my browser is deciding to dance with the stupid at the moment.

I simply took this image and copied it into word twice and flipped one of the images so that it has a mirrored effect.  I added text boxes and typed in my menu so that it was balanced and cool.  From there, I will take these and print them on more parchment paper and seal them with green sealing wax and a leaf stamp.  These will go on every plate and will be something the guests can take home with them if they'd like.   I have a picture of the template here but the finished product is so much cooler.  I will get a picture of them as soon as I can for you.

The Kazoo of Winter - This was fun.  I got the idea from reading about someone's party planning on a budget but actually decided to do it for real.  Kazoos are cheap and fun and this little rendition will add a little more hilarious to your party.  Next to my doorbell, I will post this:
A single blast will herald the return of brothers to the Watch
Two blasts warn of an attack
Two short blasts followed by a long blasts is call to mount up
Three blasts have not been heard for thousands of years
Three blasts warn the coming of Others.

Ok it says this (That font is hard to read!!):  A single blast will herald the return of brothers to the watch.  Two blasts warn of an attack.  Two short blasts followed by a long blast is a call to mount up and three... three blasts have not been heard for thousands of years.  Three blasts warn the coming of Others.
This will also be printed on some parchment and tied to a bunch of kazoos in a basket by the door.  Each guest will probably warn us of others in which case we will be ready with our obsidian daggers and White Walker drinks...  Nothing fixes your problems like a big tall glass of White Walker.  I'll share that recipe a little later on -

The Keys to the Dungeons: This was also fun - Amazon sells these old dungeon looking skeleton keys on a huge ring for a decent price so I bought 2 sets.  One will be for the Sky Cell keys, the other will be the Red Keep dungeon keys.  For the Sky Cell keys, I will be making a key ring with the Arryn bird on it on a small round piece of wood that I will iron their sigil on.  It's pretty simple - one side will have the bird, the other side will say "Sky Cell Keys".   For the Red Keep, I will stain a narrow piece of wood red, add a bunch of dirt, cuts and gauges in it and iron "Red Keep Dungeon" on one side.  These will be displayed in our "thrones" room just to remind any sassy guests that they can join the ranks of Tyrion of Ned at any moment - if our "King" so demands it...  I was going to make a crown for my 4 year old to wear and make him the king, but alas... it's Easter weekend and his daddy gets him this year.  Foiled again.

The Westerosi Hangover Cures will be needed and appreciated the morning after our shin-dig which will also happen to be April Fools day.  No joke, these are clever and hilarious and most certainly something that they will need in their bags when they go home.  I found them at the Inn as I find most of my stuff so I can't take credit for their awesomeness but I can certainly share them.  Printed on some parchment paper and attached to a bottle of mead, they will either find it that night as they are unpacking their goodies, or the next morning when they are trying to cure their hangover the old-fashioned way: More drinking.  The text reads as follows: 

Westerosi Hangover Cures:
Castle Black: walk to the top of The Wall.
Stark: go and stand in the snow
Tyrell: extract of blueberry and greens.
Greyjoy: drink more. A bit of raw whitefish and a few swigs of seawater.
Lannister: egg yolk in port or sherry, with honey and a chip of ice.
Arryn: fresh milk.
Dornish: whole spicy peppers.
Bolton: Demand silence and darkness. Take the tongue of anyone who speaks.
Maester Qyburn: licorice steeped in vinegar, with honey and cloves.
Maester Luwin: willow bark in warm beef broth, with plain oatcakes.
Red Priests: burn the offending bottles.
Warlocks of of Qarth: stick pins in the corks of the offending bottles.
Tyrion: A brothel.
Sandor Clegeane: hair of the dog.
Braavos: raw oysters
Strong Belwas: Liver and onion smoothie
Dothraki Khal: Mare’s milk, stallion blood and slaughtering a whole Lhazarene village (good cardio).

My contribution:  Robert Baratheon: Giant Boar Tusk.  ooooo... too soon?  haha!

The last little project I have to share with you are the Doggie Bags - This came from as well and is a great alternative to what I had originally planned - a wicker basket full of goods for each house.  This alternative is not only cheaper but also takes less work if you do it my way - a lot easier than the love and care that the ladies at the Inn put into it, but equally cool.

Online, I looked for the Clegane house sigil.  I already had it from the house sigils project that I worked on but I wanted something with less pizzaz - more simple - I'm talking print, cut, paste kinda stuff here and I found it!  I bought some craft bags on Amazon for about $10 - they're a pretty good size and have the nice handles on them so when I pack them full of goodies, hopefully they won't fall apart.  I cut these out from regular paper and glued them to each bag.  They're not as pretty as the Inn's bags but they will serve their purpose.  The thought of hand painting 20 bags with the Clegane sigil makes my nose wrinkle and my brain overcome with exhaustion since my dance card is pretty full with about a dozen other projects that I only have 2 weeks left to finish!  AHH!

I'm starting to feel the pressure!!!!

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