Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Season 7, Premier party! Let the planning insanity begin! (oh boy...)

Well.... The awesome thing is that my best friends will be driving down from Washington to spend the week with us and will just happen to be with us for their first taste of allll the hooplah.

The stressful thing is that since they will be here, and since it's the second to the last time we will ever be able to host this event, my husband wants to invite freaking everybody.  *deep breath deep breath, deep breath!*

So the planning begins.  July 16th is not that far away and we have lots of work to do if we want to host an amazing party for .... 17 people.....  *deep breath deep breath, deep breath!*

I know, it doesn't seem like a lot... and I already have some great ideas, plus I'll have 2 extra sets of hands to help us with the preparations.  The thing that bothers me the most is the logisticals... I don't have enough plates... I don't have enough chairs... I don't have enough butt space on my couch. .. *sigh* most of these things can be solved with some shopping but we can't be going nuts like we did that one year...  Lets see how much of this we can do on a budget!  Thrift stores, here we come!  Of course, I will be sharing my findings here.

This season we have to do a few very important things:

  • Come up with a theme....  
    • The North Wants You!
  • Create the invitations
    • Done, and super awesome, I might add....
  • Create house sigils for new allies to the North
    • Pending.... not sure if I'll actually get around to doing this for alllll of our new bannermen....
  • Create a killer (pun intended!) menu
    • See the "All About Food" post!  Can't wait to start playing!
  • Plan for favors and things to send home
    • Ordered giant Easter eggs to paint and fill with stuff! I think I have a post on this?  I'll have to look...
  • Figure out annoying logisticals (plates, chairs, butt space...)
    • Already started looking at eBay - My advice, get started NOW if you have this problem!  You can find some amazing stuff and you don't want to wait until the last minute!  
  • Update the Death Pool board (OOOOOO!!!!!  Hodor, nooo!)
  • Work out nitty gritties so nothing gets left out
  • Share my madness with all of you lucky duckies.

As always, I hope this blog can serve as a guide to help you create an amazing party too!  Feel free to snag any images you like for your own party and let me know if you have other ideas you'd like me to add.

Lets get it started!

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