Tuesday, March 14, 2017

S7 Premier Party - White Board....

Here are the things I WANT to do.... lets see if I can pull it off.  This is an ever-changing post so keep checking back for updates!

3.14.17 - Found these... and remembered that my son has had a pack of these stupid eggs sitting on his dresser since last year and he keeps saying he's going to use them.... MINE NOW!  Gotta find my paints and my brushes... Mess, here I come!  Good thing Easter is right around the corner and egg candy will be plentiful.

I found them at this amazing website - they have lots of other tempting ideas too - maybe something else will jump out at you?  Like that beautiful and surely delicious Nights Watch cocktail?  Mmmmmmm huminah.

They mention the Game of Thrones board game - which we have - and I have to say, if you love board games, you'll love this one, it's worth picking up.  It takes a long time to play and don't play with someone who is a strategy ho - like House Lee.  They win every time, EVERY TIME!

I also found a recipe for Honey Bark .... and oh my stars, I LOVE honey bark!  Naturally, this is a must to send my soldiers home with... Alejandra does a fantastic job laying out the tutorial on making this amazing desert.  I'm not a baker, I am a cook and usually you are either one or the other so here is to hoping I don't flub it up.  Could you imagine this stuff dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with toffee pieces?  We could call it a Dornish delicacy!  You could even get SUPER authentic and stick a dead cricket on the top, heck, why not?

Too far.... sorry... lets just stick with toffee bits... mmmmm

3.15.17: Menu Planning

This year we will have the more people attending our little swa-ray than we ever have before so we are going to have to pull out all of the stops.  I have an oven, 2 bbq's, a smoker, and a fire pit and my goal is to have meat cooking on all of them.  Here is the plan


These will cook on one of the BBQ's 

I can get 2 beef ones or 3 pork ones on my roasting pan.  This will take the longest but will also need the most time to prep before hitting the table.

Baked herb and lemon stuffed fish x 6
These don't take very long under the broiler and can go into the oven after I pull out the crown roast.  I'll post a recipe a little later.

Citrus stuffed fire roasted beef haunch x 1
This will be going on the other BBQ and I am still working out what I am going to do to this poor delicious piece of meat...

Hopefully that will be enough... 


Slow Roasted Crown Roast Root Veggies

Snacks and Nibbles:

Fresh baked black bread



and maaaaayyyyybbbeee scottish deviled eggs?  Maybe....


Apple blossom tarts

Chocolate covered honey bark

I KNOW IT SEEMS LIKE A LOT!  But I have 17 people coming over... I should be able to out-source some of these to take something off our plates... hopefully... right?  *BREATH, JESSE!!*

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