Wednesday, March 15, 2017

S7PP: Mini Dragon Eggs of Awesome

 These are so neat... I saw THIS picture here and thought "You know, I am a pretty craft savvy person, I could make those IN MY SLEEP!."  So I broke out my paints and my markers and my trusty little crafting board - I picked a few different colored eggs and painted them very carefully doing my very best to get as much paint on my fingers as humanly possible.  

Then I let them dry...

Then I grabbed my brand new sharpies and...... 

So... I went back to the tutorial and discovered that they didn't just jump into the burning water with no bathing suit - they actually spray painted them with a white primer that sticks well to plastic before painting them.  That might have made things easier....

We will try again this weekend... I need to make a trip to my local neighborhood friendly craft store first....  Bleh.


I went on Amazon today to look for some amazing things to stuff into these eggs and I came across some 7" jumbo eggs... so I bought them!  I had to come up with some fun things to put in them though so I got some stuff to blow my tax return on this year... Here are some of the things I got for these -

I'll break up the sets as much as possible - the little skeleton warriors, dragon, and the armed men come in a bundle - think little green army men for cool people.  I really want to paint the skeleton dudes grey and give them blue eyes but we'll see how ambitious I am here... I'll also have some extra candies, chocolate coins and other goodies to throw in as needed.  I think the hubs is going to get a little blind box for each egg too - all told, each egg will probably end up costing me about $10/each but I am only doing 12.  (TWELVE THAT'S ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SMACKEROOS, JES YOWZA!) I know... I know... but guys, this is the second to the last time we will be able to do this and I want to make it AMAZEBALLS.  Most of my posse has been drooling over my hand made dragon eggs for years and it's only fair that I send them home with one at SOME POINT.  I'll toss in some of the kazoos of winter that I have from S3 - still have tons of those for some reason....

Easter is right around the corner, guys - if this is a project you want to take on, better git on it!



Last night my ex-mother-in-law passed away suddenly... and although there was no love lost between the two of us, it was still a gut wrenching evening as I tried to console my 8 year old who, as horrible as she was, loved her dearly.  We spent some time together last night crying together and holding each other - I told him that in times like these sometimes it makes me feel better to keep my hands busy and he agreed so on a whim, and IN THE HOUSE (bad idea, bad idea, bad idea...) we spray painted eggs!  There were lots of hugging breaks but he did a great job wielding the can and was smiling  while making a huge mess - even if it was just for a moment we could get him to feel better... before the fumes created a toxic cloud in my craft room and we had to evacuate... more to come...


What a crazy weekend!  My poor deaf, blind and seizure-prone senior dog escaped from the back yard and we lost him for a few days... I was a WRECK!  So in a feeble attempt to keep some sanity about me as I frantically checked the lost and found section of Craigslist and with the local animal shelters, I worked on my eggs.  When you're crafting while you're extremely stressed, it's called "STRAFTING."  I did much strafting this weekend.  I started a new project but got to work on these a bit too - and I have some tips for you - here is what I have:

I only have two colors done so far but will paint the green and gold ones during an A's game.  Here are some quick tips to help you with these monsters:
  • Use a GIANT marker!  For the large eggs like this, you really need something with some UMPH.  Your standard sharpie isn't going to cut it.  Do yourself a favor and buy a box of the giant Marks-A-Lot markers - these ones were done with the standard markers and I really just hated every frustrating second of it.  
  • Don't press too hard!  Though you primed them like a boss, the paint will still come off if you press with your marker too hard.   You'll spend a lot of time teaching your toddler curse words if you do this... (voice of experience...)
  • Fill your eggs BEFORE you draw your scales! I didn't do this the first time and ended up spending way more time than I needed to trying to line the scales back up...
  • Draw your scales with a light pencil before you draw them with your marker.


I will keep working on these more and more as we get closer - once they're finished I'll post the final product for you.  If you have questions be sure to leave them in the comments!

oooo what are those other eggs, Jess?  I'll start another post about those effers now!  Squee!!!

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