Monday, May 1, 2017

Thumb Tack Dragon Eggs

S7 Premier Party: Thumb Tack Dragon Eggs (so pretty!)

I've opened up an Etsy shop in case you don't want to do these yourself - we've kind of perfected the process so why mess with all those stupid tacks!?! (THEY'RE SHARP, YO!)  

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Ok - here is the question of the day: Why is it when you drop a tack it's disappears into the nether until you're stumbling around in the middle of the night and it reappears in the precise location to miraculously impale your foot to your dismay.  WHY.  

In order to make these things you'll need the following supplies:
  • Foam eggs from your local neighborhood friendly craft store (or Amazon...)
  • Tacks - lots and lots and lots of them - Get 5/8 ones if you can, the scales are bigger and it takes less scales/time. If you can't, don't sweat it, the little ones still look awesome.
  • Nail polish - lots and lots and lots of it.
  • Cork trivets or a few flat cardboard boxes
  • An open window or a fan and a glass of alcoholic beverage (you'll thank me later.)
  • Patience. (wtf is that?)
It's pretty simple, it just takes a bunch of time. You'll want to start by putting your tacks in your trivets or cardboard so that you can painstakingly paint each and every one.  I highly suggest that you paint them first with a base coat of either black or white depending on your color scheme - I am going to try a hack tonight and see how well spray paint holds up to these for our base coat since it's cheaper and faster.  Seems like a win/win. This is also where you'll need to utilize your open window and/or fan and your alcoholic beverage of choice.

Make sure that you paint the edges too because if you only paint the tops of them, the silver edge will pop out and be a real distraction for you when it's all said and done.

Once you have them painted and they are dry and you're absolutely sure they are dry and you know they are dry (by the way, make sure they're dry!) then you can start pressing them into your egg.  

Start AT THE BOTTOM!  I get unreasonably irritated when the scales are facing the wrong way.  I like to do more than just one color to add some depth to them and make them more interesting but it's completely up to you. It's best to try and get the scales as close together as possible.

I'll have more updates and pictures tonight to help but if you have any questions please post in the comments and I'll get back to you.  

Get your dragon egg ON!


So - PROTIP!  Spray paint your primer first, it goes WAY WAY faster!

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