Friday, May 8, 2015

It ALWAYS ends too soon!

And here we are....

Reading about plans for the season finale...  WHAT THE HELL GUISE.  Didn't the season just start??  In a word, Yes.  It did.  This is how HBO retains your loyalty... they give you just enough to make you think you're getting something good before they drop the shoe and say something ridiculous like "Just wait until next season..."  ...  .. . . .   Bullox.
Times like this I am really jealous of my sister who doesn't have HBO and only gets the very rare opportunity to binge watch like a boss so she doesn't have that agonizing week of "WHAT'S HAPPENING NEXT?!?!?" .... I equate this feeling to waiting in line to use the restroom when you really really have to go. 
For our finale party, we are hosting a Direwolf Adoption Day at our house. 
We will be folding these up and attaching them to some fake crows and leaving them on our guests cars for them to find.  If some other poor suspicious individual should pick this up and take it they will at least either get a good laugh or slough back to nowhere land in befuddlment as they ponder wtf a direwolf is...
The day of, we will have these on each plate:

Creating these was a lot of fun and had me laughing quite a bit at inappropriate times.  Feel free to use them for your party!  Hopefully people will get some of the references....
And our menu -
It's a lot to take on with a baby in the house so we will have to see how this all pans out... All this talk about goat balls - makin me hungry.

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